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Welcome to Lifesmith Classic Fractals!

These are but a few of the over 3000 images from the largest and oldest fractal
mathematical art studio in the United States,

Sell more products & publications! Make more profit!

This imagery has a solid history and a recognizable brand, not to mention its
estimable intrinsic beauty and mathematical interest. If you need eye-catching,
exciting, original graphics that nobody else on Earth has, you have come to the right place.

All Original, Attractive and Exciting - Everyone Loves 'Em!

One-time Rights - $150 - Very high resolution images, 2560 by 2560 pixels (over 650 times what's pictured here), and
You have the right to use the image one time on any publication, be it a book, magazine, manual, yearbook,
product cover, music CD, software DVD, etc., and these rights allow you to make any number of copies
of that same publication bearing the image, even later reprints.

The very high-resolution images will be available for immediate download upon payment.

Lifesmith Classic Fractals imagery has been featured on over 300 products and 250 publications worldwide since 1990,
including notebooks and folders, posters, calendars, jigsaw puzzles, umbrellas, silk neckties, water skis, fridge
magnets, T-shirts, and many more, and have accounted for well over $10 million in retail sales of its licensed products.