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Here are listings of some fractal, fractal-related and fractal-unrelated sites. As of August 19, 2013, they
were all in good working order. At most of these sites there are usually more links to other sites and
you could easily spend a month just looking at fractals (I've spent seventeen years!). These are now
all hot-linked; just click on the name and away you go. I have not reviewed the sites below in much
depth; nor is this the most exhaustive or comprehensive list of links. The list is only offered as a further
reference for you to enjoy and explore. If you know of other important or pertinent sites not listed here,
kindly e-mail me its URL and I will include it as well. If you would like your own site hot-linked (I would
even include a free banner ad for the fun of it if you like), please say hello and tell me about yourself
and your site.

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Fractals, fractal galleries and fractal related sites:

Fractals & Physics & More by J.C. Sprott Fractint WWW pages
The Spanky Fractal Database Paul N. Lee's Fractal Gallery
Clifford A. Pickover's Home Page Lloyd Burchill's Knot Page
Fractal Domains & FracPPC Fractals by legalize
Nick's Mathematical Miscellany (lots of cool math stuff here) Fractal Images by Sharon Webb
Fractalus Don Archer's Fractal Museum - MOCA
Art Matrix Fractals Art By Math Fractal Gallery
Fractal eXtreme Web Site Aros Fractals
Void Visuals

Chaos and Fractals - Univ. of Bremen Quintessential Sophistry Home Page
Guiseppe Zito's Art Gallery Tim Stilson's 3D Chaotic Attractors
Pictures from Alien Places Nerdworld Fractals

These are the pertinent internet newsgroups where you can find the latest and greatest info
in the world of fractals and chaos:


alt.fractals sci.chaos sci.fractals sci.nonlinear




For those of you who require further information on fractals and related topics, here are some
sites that feature everything from full-on tutorials to simple FAQ's (frequently asked questions).


For those of you who are looking for tons of graphics resources, fun stuff, useful stuff,
educational stuff, wacky stuff, repositories of terrific website links and cool web pages,
here are a group of hundreds of hot-linked sites that I have culled from thousands of other
sites on the World Wide Web. I originally had planned on a couple of dozen but THERE IS
SO MUCH WONDERFUL INFORMATION out there that I couldn't help myself but share
all the cool stuff I found. I have shied away from most political, religious and commercial
sites but I am sure you will still find tons of good stuff here. As they say,
Something for Everyone!

World O' Websites:

In chaotic order (chaos can be so refreshing, especially at a fractal art site), they are:
ZDNet Software Library Minerals A to Z NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
Jeopardy Online The Jethro Tull Website The Encyclopedia Britainica
The Wolfram Library Archive
United Nations Major League Baseball
The Bashar Website Visible Human Project A Visual Dictionary of Famous Plane Curves
Mathematica Tutorials & Applications The A to Z of Alien Species
Sci-Fi Channel Dominion
Frank Potter's Science Gems The Geometry Junkyard Smithsonian Institution
Cool Site of the Day American Universities List The Library of Congress
Legal Questions, Answers & Research from Real Attorneys AgeNet - Information and Referral Network for Everything Senior Eric's Treasure Trove of Math & Science
Coast to Coast AM Classical Greek and Roman Texts Helpful Sites for Teachers (like me)
Famous Birthdays Guitar.Net US Govt. Census Bureau
Online Degrees and Scholarships College Scholarships 360 Education Solutions
The KnotPlot Site Web Gallery of Art
The Internet Movie Database
Mark Maimone's Huge Space+ Website Library Pregnancy and Childbirth Information The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Franklin Institute Science Museum Universal Currency Converter
PhD Programs - On Campus & Online Education Corner - Financial Aid Online Masters Degree Programs
Free Genealogy Online
Online PhD Degree Programs - UK Education Applets & Calculators
Learning Haven Online Cancer Guide HealthLine
Guide to Online Schools The Visual Elements Periodic Table
Internet Math Resource Collection
The Internet Public Library The Paranormal Network History of Physics
Supreme Court of the USA
The Physics Connexion Dr. Demento Website
Recipe Archive Index Wines on the Internet National Public Radio
Tree of Life Project Bartlett's Familiar Quotations Mathematical Quotations Server
INFO-MAC Hyperarchive ROOT Mapquest CNN World News
NASA Ticketmaster Online U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences Matt's CGI Script Archive Sacred Geometry Home Page
Social Studies Help Online UCR Infomine: Physical Sciences Time Warner's Pathfinder
OnHealth! City Distance Calculator History of Mathematics Home Page
Caltech Molecular Modeling Gallery US Federal Judiciary Home Page Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
ThinkQuest - (discontinued but archive will appear soon)
USGS: Topographical Maps
Babelfish Language Translator
Over 75 Million Software Files! First 1,000,000 Digits of Pi (a million digits!)
National Anthems of the World
The Klingon Language Institute Kelley Blue Book Physics Lecture Demonstrations
US Secret Service Electronic Visualization Laboratory Interactive Mathematics Puzzles Archive
Minerals Engineering Online
The Recipes Folder Official California Legal Code
Simply Pets - Internet Guide to Pets Automotive Encyclopedia
Virtual Library of Sciences & Mathematics
The Physical Laws List College Atlas Astronomy for Kids
Softball Hall of Fame (USSSA)
Reuters News Service Internet Astronomy Websites List
Xah Lee's Great Math Programs Science Daily Scientific Visualization
Peterson's Education & Career Center
Geektools Nolo Self-Help Law Center The Wizard of Odds
The Monster Board Job Search Jeff Levy "ON COMPUTERS" Intl. Ghost Hunters Society
The Ultimate Band List Nanotechnology How to Solve Rubik's Cube
Roget's Thesaurus Mathematics Archives US National Debt Clock
Web Site Garage RingWorld - The Webring Directory London Natural History Museum
Fundamental Physical Constants US Department of Education Hot Links to Virtual Worlds Sites
Unsolved Mathematical Problems Lewis Carroll Home Page Delights of Chemistry - Videos of Demos
Kim Komando's Komputer Klinic ESPN SportsZone Test Your I.Q. - Brainmetrix
Monty Python Online
Apple - Support Automatic Complaint-Letter Generator
Kirlian Research Network Solar Eclipses, Past and Future
RAND Thinktank Home Page
US Treasury Coins & Currency Info Page Reference Room for Webmasters e-MATH - American Mathematical Society
Differences Between British English and American English CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository Free Tarot, Runes, I Ching and Biorhythm Readings
Knots on the Web Project Gutenberg - Search
Rockhounding Resources & Links Advance Fee Fraud - Nigerian Scam How to Build an Atomic Bomb
Game Walkthroughs & Hints
The Phobia List The Universal Currency Converter
Science Resource Center The Fortean Times Everything Macintosh
The Library of Congress Chemist's Art Gallery c/Net's
History of Mathematical Terms My Postcards Community of Cardmasters Entomology at Iowa State Univ.
Shaolin Gung Fu Institute Mudcat CafÈ Folksong Database Intl. UFO Museum & Research Ctr.
The White House PC Website Resources for Photoshop
Education World
Grotesque in Art - Cornell Univ.
USPS ZIP+4 Code Lookup Submit It!
Internet Public Library Reference Shelf POV-Ray --- The Persistence of Vision Raytracer Zombeck's Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics
PC Webopaedia PC World's ISP Buyer's Guide The Searl Effect
The Personality/Temperament Questionnaire ASEE - American Society for Engineering Education Complete Works of William Shakespeare
The Encyclopedia of Fun Trivia Community of Science Funding Network
LookupUSA Directory
SoftSeek PC Shareware/Freeware The Unabomber's Manifesto Exploratorium: ExploraNet
Periodic Table of the Elements The Reference Shelf - Library of Congress
Favorite Mathematical Constants
NASA Extragalactic Database Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games 300,000 Word International Dictionary
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable Relativistic Dynamics & Visualization Nikola Tesla Page
Granular Dynamics Powder Page Producer's Masterguide Tons of Free Books and Manuals
World Series of Poker IllusionWorks Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum
Guide to Lock-Picking MUFON Internet Chess Club
Color Landform Atlas of the USA The History Net Stony Brook Algorithm Repository
Totally Free Stuff!! USA Today Lottery Results iLove Languages Page
Virtual Reality Polyhedra How Many People Have Your Name Topology Atlas
Net_Temps Solution to Rubik's Cube InsectNet
Softball's Big Cat 844 Homework Central UCLA's Electric Tokamak Website
Zarf's List of Interactive Games on the Web The Strange and the Unknown
US Postal Service Rates and Fees
Eisenhower Natl. Clearinghouse for Math and Science Education World Lecture Hall (Fantastic!) ERIC: Educational Resources Info Center
CNN World News Human Genome Map Cyber Patrol Internet Filter Software
Anatomy of the Human Heart MacFixit Art Crimes Graffiti Exhibit
Albert Einstein Online Internet Mathematics Links The Tom Lehrer Page (hopefully back up soon)
Bibliomania Network Library Clipart Directory Famous Mathematical Curves
Martial Arts Sites on the Web Discovery Online Everything Might and Magic
Top 100 Tucows Software Downloads
USA Today The Source for Everything Jewish
Joke and Humor Archive The Louvre The High School Homeschool Page
Rate Your Risk "Insanely Great" Science Websites The Shareware Place
NFL Home Page World Population at this Moment US Senator/Representative Search
CERN European Physics Lab NPR's All Things Considered Bloom's Taxonomy
MediaBuilder Hot Virtual Reality Sites Aesop's Fables Online
100 Greatest Guitarists - Rolling Stone
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit EarthCam
Visit the National Parks Consumer Information Catalog The Late Show with David Letterman
Woodworking Information Service UConn University LIbrary
Space Telescope Science Institute
Tech Museum of Innovation Animal Image Archive Monster FTP Sites List
The Particle Adventure The 500-point Nerdity Test! Intro to Analytical Spectroscopy
Anniversary Gifts by Year List Perl/CGI Resource Page
The Whole Brain Atlas
Data Powers of Ten Playwrighting Page Mir Space Station
Chicago Board of Trade NCSA CyberEducation Center The J. S. Bach Home Page
Centre for the Easily Amused Electric Library Skydive WWW
Encyclopedias on the Internet
How Stuff Works Awesome Library - K-12 Educational Directory
Universal Currency Converter Tesla: The Humanitarian Genius
Bob Dylan's Home Page
Volcanoes of the World National Science Teachers Assoc. FBI Ten Most Wanted List
Human Anatomy Online 200 Math Java Applets & More NSA - National Security Agency
Worksheet Factory EPA Global Warming Website Deaf Linx
The Movie Cliches List Webtender: An Online Bartender SBA - Small Business Administration
New Scientist: Planet Science Apple II Disk Image Archive World Art Treasures
The Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Home Page National Gallery of Art - The Collection US National Academy of Sciences/Engineering
International Phone Number Search Best Free People Finder Websites UFO Database Website
Mechanical Engineering Hotlinks Web Developer's Virtual Library Programming in C Library
MIT's StockMaster World of M. C. Escher Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Cyndi's Genealogy Sites on the Net The Internet Classics Archive Better Business Bureau Online
The Mineral Gallery The Encyclopedia Mythica Science Fair Research Directory
The Astrocat Galaxies Menu Mendelweb UNICEF
Chance Database-Dartmouth WebMuseum The Global Gourmet
Mysterious Places The Ayn Rand Institute Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature
The Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse
Tutor Vista 25 Great Thinkers Every College Student Should Read
GAMS: Guide to Available Mathematical Software SETI: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Java - Quick Reference Page
Global Instructional Chemistry Foreign Languages for Travelers Earth and Sky
Acupuncture Rec.humor.funny More Funny Jokes
Russian Space Science Institute Useful Links Stereoscopic Resources and Information Boston Museum of Science's Theatre of Electricity
Sheet Music Collections - Duke Univ.
UNIX Manuals and Tutorials Space Science and Engineering Center
25 of the Strangest Foods From Around the World The History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less in 25+ Languages ICQ - The World's Largest Online Communication Network
Toll-Free Internet Directory Epicurious Food & Travel Family Medicine Online
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Intellectual Property Law and Policy
New York Academy of Sciences
DAZ 3D Models and Software - Lesson Ideas Bill Nye - The Science Guy
Dave's Math Tables 5000 Different Calculators On-Line Virtual Fly Lab - Genetics Instruction
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators Peruvian Shamanic Spirit Quest
Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension
The GameSpot Physics+ and Math Print Archive Physics World
Excite Travel - Geographic Source Free CD-ROMs on the WWW Ethical Hackers Club
Fravia's Page of Reverse Engineering Tutor Hunt CIA - Central Intelligence Agency
Popular Mechanics Zone Family Education Network Music: Classics World
Theoretical Biophysics Group LEO - Link Everything Online Large Mathematics Glossary
Lawrence Livermore List of Lists Star Trek TOS - All the Plots - All the Details - Teaching Positions
Astronomical Powers of Ten - Java Physical Science Links - Glencoe AP Chemistry Exam Practice
Spell Check Online The Coolest Chemical Visualizations
Degree Jungle
Mortgage, Measurement and Calculation Tools
Get an Online Bachelor of Arts Degree
Interactive Math & Science Calculators
Get a Masters Degree in English
Online Colleges US Government Jobs
Online Teaching Degree
Business Administration Degrees
Graduate Education

Career and Job SearchLanguage Software ReviewsDistance Learning
Law Enforcement TrainingOnline Math DegreesFun Geography Quizzes Online
Optical IllusionsFirst Tutors in the UKOnline Grammar Checker
Earn a Masters Degree in ScienceGet an IT DegreeNational Institute on Aging
Mechanical Engineering SchoolsGuide to Online Masters DegreesHome Cinema in the UK
Usenet Research Sites
DejaNews Green Eggs Report Zippo
Musenet Randori Communications Supernews
Biology Sites
Global Entomology (GEARS) National Zoological Park Chez Marco Thuispagina
Access Excellence Communication with Parrots Biotech
Cells Alive! North American Breeding Birds Bugs in the News!
Investment/Financial Sites
Emerging Markets Companion FirstCall High Tech Investor
Hoover's Online IFC Investment Information InvestorWeb
Silicon Investor SRInvest All About Stocks, Bonds, Etc.
Chicago Board of Trade Investors Edge Finance
Stockmaster at MIT Douglas Gerlach's Investorama Stockdeck
Networth Security APL Stock Quote Server The Chicago Board Options Exchange
The Motley Fool Final Bell Stock Research Group
Hot Coupons Young Investor PC Financial Network
Companies Online    
TV, Radio & Film Sites
Court TV TV Guide Entertainment Network First TV Discovery Channel School InterneTV National Geographic Television The SciFi Site
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Pix Page MSNBC
The TVPlex   Star Trek: Voyager
Simpsons Home Page Australian Broadcasting Corp. Late Show with David Letterman
The Internet Movie Database Cyber Film School The Godfather Trilogy
Film Scouts Warner Brothers Home Page Criterion Collection
Hitoshi Doi's AnimÈ Pages Daily Movielink 777Film Online
Film 100 Audionet Digiband
BRS Radio The DJ Player Jet Audio
Power Tuner RealMaster RealSites
3D on the Web
3D CafÈ 3D Graphics on the Web - Basics 3D Site
AAAH! YIKES! Free Graphics! Austin 3D Studio Users Group FAQs by Category
Internet Wizards Mark Jeffers' 3D Resource Page DAZ 3D
Humor Sites
Andy Kaufman Home Page Harry Shearer Home Page Twisted Tunes
Centre for the Easily Amused The Captain Kirk Sing-A-Long The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project
Real Newspaper Headlines Steven Wright Rodney Dangerfield

Family Medicine Sites
Wellness Web Healthwise Cyberspace Hospital
Online Health Network Medical Mall All About Health Magazine
Health A to Z GeoHealthWeb Health Ink
Duke University Healthy Devil    

Here are some of the more helpful Internet/Web/FTP search engines (in no particular order):

Lycos / Hotbot / Yahoo! / Webcrawler / InterNIC / ArchiePlex / Infoseek / Google / Slider /
Alta Vista / World Wide Web Yellow Pages / Excite / Magellan / It! / c/net Search / Big Book /
c/net Shareware / DejaNews / Starting Point / Open Text Index / Snoopie / A2Z / Dogpile /
Metacrawler / MetaFind / MediaBuilder / FTP Search v3.5 / Linkstar / IbcNet / Northern Light /
Switchboard / WhoWhere? / Image Surfer / Four11 Search / Bigfoot / Surfpoint / Aqui /
WebSitez / sixdegrees / Internet Sleuth / Yahooligans! / Liszt / Timecast / /
AOL NetFind / Inference / Info Pages /
InfoSpace - The Ultimate Directory

Here are a few of the Internet/WWW protective software sites where you can protect your young ones from viewing things you deem improper:

Cyber Patrol / Surf Watch / Net Nanny /