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Thank you for coming. Glad to meet you. This is my personal page.

You know, some of the usual stuff...philosophy, favorites, personal and business history, other blah, blah, blah...merely click on the links...take care, Jeff

Personal Favorites
Business Philosophy

Personal Favorites

This page is just a fun page to kind of see how much we have in common. Here are
listed some of my favorite things to do, to eat, to listen to, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
It is of absolutely no importance whatsoever. There is no way that I have done or read
or seen everything and this is not what I think are the best of anything, simply my favorites.
The individual items may or may not be listed in actual favorite order.

Places & Activities / Musical Groups / Albums Etc. / Songs / Musicians /
Literary Works / Sports / Movies / TV Shows / Comedians / Miscellaneous

Favorite Places & Activities
  Aspen, Colorado for skiing  Amsterdam, The Netherlands for hanging out and museums
  Manhattan, New York for 24 hour city excitement  Malibu/Zuma Beaches, California for sun and fun
  Rocking Out at a Live gig playing my bass  Paris for women and art
  Berchtesgaden for alpine splendor  Balboa Park, California, pitching for a city softball championship
  London, for history and English culture  München for beer

Favorite Musical Groups (my own used to be found at Out of Order and The Go Katz)
 Jethro Tull  The Doors  X  The Who
 REM  Jimi Hendrix  Cream/Clapton  The Moody Blues
 The Beatles  The Clash  Bob Dylan  The Animals
 Pink Floyd  Bruce Springsteen  Santana  Wishbone Ash
 Los Lobos  The Blasters  Emerson, Lake & Palmer  Traffic
 Queen  Joe Jackson  Jefferson Airplane  Rush
 Elvis Costello  The Kinks  Alice Cooper  Deep Purple
 Southside Johnny & Asbury Jukes  Graham Parker & the Rumour  Creedence Clearwater Revival  Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
 The Beach Boys  The Go-Gos  Husker Dü  Uriah Heep
 The Allman Brothers  Simon & Garfunkel  Steppenwolf  Black Sabbath
 Frank Zappa & the Mothers  Green Day    

Favorite Albums
  Born to Run   The Doors   Surrealistic Pillow
  The White Album   Are You Experienced?   Disraeli Gears
  The Blasters   London Calling   Killer
  Almost all of Jethro Tull   Wild Gift/Los Angeles   The Jukes
  Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys   Get the Knack!   Bare Trees
  Toys in the Attic   Dark Side of the Moon   Look Sharp/I'm The Man
  My Aim is True/This Year's Model   Jesus Christ Superstar   Argus
  East Side Story   Boston   Woodstock
  Rubber Soul/Revolver   Blood on the Tracks/Desire   Sticky Fingers
  Quadrophenia/Who's Next?   Winwood/John Barleycorn Must Die   Blows Against the Empire
  Squeezing Out Sparks   Sgt. Pepper/Magical Mystery Tour  

Favorite Songs
 All Along the Watchtower  Hurricane  Crossroads
 Tales of Brave Ulysses  Because the Night  Born to be Wild
 What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding?  Fall On Me  Eve of Destruction
 Light My Fire  Wind Up  Incense and Peppermints
 Chestnut Mare  Do You Believe in Magic?  It's Alright Ma
 Thunder Road  Thick as a Brick  Question
 Windy  Whiter Shade of Pale  White Rabbit
 Mississippi Queen  Soul Experience  Warrior
 Cruel to be Kind  El Paso  Cliffs of Dover
 Stairway to Heaven  Whenever You're on My Mind  Radio, Radio
 Piece of My Heart  You're the One  

Favorite Musicians
J. Hendrix, E. Clapton, M. Barre, C. Santana, G. Thorogood, A. Lee, R. Blackmore, E. Van Halen, P. Townshend, R. Kreiger, E. Johnson, B. Zoom, J. Satriani
I. Anderson, R. Daltrey, J. Morrison, J. Kay, A. Cooper, I. Gillan, G. Slick, B. Springsteen, E. Burdon, D. Alvin
J. Entwistle, J. Bruce, G. Mabe, P. McCartney, J. Doe
I. Anderson
G. Baker, K. Moon, C. Palmer, M. Weinberg
C. Cleamons
S. Winwood, K. Emerson, R. Manzarek
I. Anderson, B. Dylan, J. Lennon/P. McCartney, J. Croce, J. Mitchell, J. Prine, E. Costello, B. Springsteen, P. Townshend, T. Lehrer

Favorite Fictional Literary Works
 Atlas Shrugged  King Lear  Hamlet
 Stranger in a Strange Land  Great Expectations  The Source
 The Phantom Tollbooth  Lord of the Rings (Hobbit etc.)  The Decameron
 Les Miserables  Hamilton's Mythology  A Tale of Two Cities
 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas  One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest  Animal Farm/1984
 A Clockwork Orange  Childhood's End (et al)  Catch-22
 Johnny Got His Gun    

Sports Favorites
 Baseball Team (AL) New York Yankees
 Baseball Team (NL) Los Angeles Dodgers
 Baseball Player (all-time) Mickey Mantle
 Baseball Player (current) Derek Jeter
 Football Team (NFL) Green Bay Packers (since 1967)
 Football Team (college) Notre Dame
 Football Player (all-time) Bart Starr / Joe Montana
 Basketball Team Los Angeles Lakers
 Basketball Player (all-time) Wilt Chamberlain
 Favorite Team Sport to Play Softball
 Favorite Individual Sport to Play Racquetball
 Favorite Sports Activity Snow Skiing
 Favorite Team Sport to Watch Pro Football
 Favorite Individual Sport to Watch MMA/UFC
 Summer Olympic Event Track and Field
 Winter Olympic Event Ice Hockey

Favorite Movies
 Wizard of Oz  Aliens  Alice in Wonderland
 Rocky Horror Picture Show  The Ten Commandments  Braveheart
 The Time Machine  Rocky  Easy Rider
 Damn Yankees  Games  The Princess Bride
 The Old Man and the Sea  The Cincinnati Kid  Forrest Gump
 The Shawshank Redemption  Animal House  The Nightmare Before Christmas

Favorite All-Time TV Shows
 Star Trek (all incarnations)  Kung Fu  MASH
 Man from UNCLE  Twilight Zone  Outer Limits
 Mission Impossible  Jeopardy  The Tonight Show

Favorite Comedians
 Robin Williams  George Carlin  Steve Martin
 Steven Wright  Jay Leno  Johnny Carson
 Jonathan Winters  Monty Python  Marx Brothers
 Gallagher  Rodney Dangerfield  Cheech & Chong
 Tom Lehrer  Don Rickles  The Three Stooges
 Richard Pryor  Dan Ackroyd  Phil Hartman

Other Miscellaneous Favorites
 Pizza Topping Mushrooms & Extra Cheese
 Software Program Photoshop
 Coffee Yuban
 Car Corvette
 Classical Author(s) Shakespeare, Dickens, Aristophanes, J. S. Mill
 Modern Author(s) Rand, Bradbury, Asimov, Heinlein, Pickover, Clarke
 Booze Chivas Regal, Jack Daniels, Frangelico
 Actor Jack Nicholson
 Classical Artist(s) Rembrandt, Bosch
 Modern Artist(s) Dali, Escher
 Beer Cold MGD
 Game Chess, Poker, Monopoly
 RPGs Witcher Series, Might & Magic (and Heroes of), Bard's Tales, Ultima, Wizardry and most of the genre in general
 Beverage Ice Tea, Lemonade
 Comic Book Hero Element Lad, Metal Men
 Scientists Einstein, Tesla, Bearden
 Comedy Routine Who's On First (Abbott & Costello), Baseball vs. Football (G. Carlin)
 Favorite Class to Teach Chemistry
 Favorite Class to Take Physics
 Book The Bible, Atlas Shrugged

Business Philosophy

Allow me to say I am most grateful to everyone who purchased my fractal
products. My professional life has finally come to a close as I retired from
teaching on my 65th birthday in June, 2020. After spending forty years
in the classroom and over 10,000 students taught, it is about time to
enjoy some retirement time.
And though I continue to research new art forms,
my time in the classroom is all done.

Thus whatever products remain in my stock will be used as samples or gifts in
order to continue licensing my imagery for commercial advantage and for
the general dissemination of mathematical art in general.

It is unfortunate, however, that many of the fractal "artists" who have followed
me decided that making a commercial venture from one's work was not acceptable
to them, that this venture was sacrosanct in a sort of truth, the past
commercial success of my fractal art has certainly laid the foundation for all
those who wish to continue in my stead...but such is the nature of human beings...

In any case, if your firm wishes to license my imagery for whatever commercial
venture you have in mind, please understand that I am, by far, the most
successful and experienced fractal artist in America and represent well over
$15 million worth of licensed fractal art products just in America alone.
I would be most helpful to your staff and am efficient and knowledgeable
and have worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies in the past. You will
profit by your association with me, my company, and employment of my art.

Please review the artwork and contact me at your convenience.

Sincerely yours,

Jeff Berkeley, M.S.
Lifesmith Classic Fractals
(661) 316-7359 (cell and text)

Personal History (in 3rd person)

Jeff Berkeley (aka Berkowitz), M.S., was born in Brooklyn, New York, on June 12, 1955, to a
low-to-middle economic class stock brokerage clerk and his wife, both second generation Americans
of European descent.

After moving to southern California in 1961, Jeff distinguished himself by winning awards for
mathematical excellence and becoming chess champion of his school. He majored in math/science
in high school, graduating in 1972 with high honors, just before turning age 17.

He joined the U.S. Army shortly thereafter and served a tour of duty in Frankfurt, Germany. After
returning home, he started at California State University, Northridge, where he, thru 31 semesters,
earned a bachelor's degree in English with a minor in physical education, and finally a master's degree
in physics in 1990. It is during this last period (1988-90) he began producing fractals at the
CSU Northridge workstation laboratory.

He has taught high school and college chemistry, physics and mathematics in the general LA and
Portland metro areas, both private and public, for about forty years, teaching AP Calculus, AP and regular
physics, AP and regular chemistry, AP statistics, physical science, Earth science, computer graphics, yearbook
and general mathematics, top to bottom. He retired in June, 2020.

He unfortunately divorced his first wife but raised five children, Zachary William, 31, Erol Rochelle, 26,
Montana Pearl, 25, Xenon Alexander, 23, and Antimony Rose, twenty-one years old. He just got remarried
to his high school sweetheart six years ago this past June.

He enjoys spending much of his free time playing music and currently plays bass guitar for a local LA rock
and roll cover band, The Rockdown, and has years of experience with other local bands Out of Order and
The Go Katz ( He is very happy to be playing out again and lucky to have revived
his playing career with a new project of fun geezers in the southern California area, though he and his and
his wife moved to Bullhead City, AZ, in August, 2021, just two miles from the Colorado River.

Retired from playing softball (after a long career), he enjoys skiing, racquetball, stringed instruments, science, computer
role-playing games, graphics/fractals, Shakespeare, Jethro Tull, Bible study, ice cream and puzzles of all kinds.

He can be reached at either or at or by writing to him
at the Lifesmith address listed on the home page of this website. His is no longer on Facebook or Twitter
but can be found at as Jeff Berkeley