Little Rascals





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If you're a fan of the Little Rascals, you'll get a kick from this. Here is a
listing of nearly all of the 84 episodes with a bit of a synopsis of what goes
on in each. Enjoy for the fun of it!

Fly My Kite
The Gang loves Grandma, but her slimy son-in-law loves her money.  When Dirty Dan tries
to take away her retirement fortune, it's the kids (and Pet the Pup) to the rescue! 

Honkey Donkey
Spoiled rich kid Wally just wants to have fun ­ so he's invited the gang and their pet
mule Algebra to his mansion. 

Beginner's Luck
Spanky's reciting Shakespeare in a talent show but he can't seem to get his lines out;
because the gang's pelting him with pea-shooters! 

Reunion in Rhythm
The grammar school is putting on a musical with all your favorite songs and stars:
Darla singing "Baby Face", Spanky in "Broadway Rhythm", Alfalfa's "I'm Through With Love",
even Buckwheat-the-poet reciting "Little Jack Horner". 

Hook and Ladder
No sooner does the gang start their own fire department, than they've got their own fire! 
"1st Fire Cheef" Dickie Moore, Stymie and tag-along Spanky are hot to put out the blaze,
but they have to find it first.

The First Round-up
The gang decides to go camping and they've brought everythingexcept their courage! 

Teacher's Beau
The gang's teacher, Miss Jones is leaving to get married just when they were starting
to like her. 

Hearts are Thumps

Teacher's Pet
It's the first day of school and the gang isn't ready for readin', writin' or their new teacher
Miss Crabtree.  Jackie, Chubby and Farina decide to "welcome" her with gifts of sneezing
powder, red andts and a mouse.

School's Out
Now it's the last day of school and Jackie's developed a big crush on Miss Crabtree. 
Worried that she'll "go and get married" Jackie's ready to do anything to keep her- like
"scaring the pants off" a stranger who comes calling.

Love Business
"Oh Miss Crabtree, there's something heavy on my heart", confesses Chubby.  "Oh
Chubsy-Ubsy there's gonna be something heavy on your nose!" counters similarly smitten

Spooky Hooky
The gang is in for some mighty frights when they have to retrieve their "doctored" doctor
notes from school in the middle of the night!  Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat and Porky must
brave thunder, lightning, wind, rain ­ and each other ­ to make the grade. 

Readin' and Writin'
"Learn that poem learn that poem" is ringing in school-skipping Brisbane's head.  Why is
his conscience bothering him? 

The Kid From Borneo
"Yum-yum, eat 'em up!" is all Spanky's "Uncle George" can say.  But it's not his real uncle,
it's "Bumbo the Wild Man"!  Soon Stymie, Spanky, Wheezer and even Pet the Pup are running
for their lives. 

Sprucin' Up
The gang hates to clean- and it shows ­ yet, they scrub themselves silly after meeting
the new truant officer's daughter.  Now supremely spruced, Spanky and Alfalfa attempt to
impress with a battle of chin-ups. 

Pay As You Exit

Bouncing Babies
Farina gives Wheezer a simple solution about how to get a little more attention from his family
-­take his love-hogging baby brother back where he came from: the hospital! 

Pups is Pups
The high-falutin' society pet show has gone to the dogs now that the gang's all here.  Farina,
Jackie, Chubby, plus Wheezer and his bell-chasing pups are having a swell time lowering the
upper class in this funny free-for-all.

Dogs is Dogs
Well, well, well, Spud fell in the well, but it's poor Wheezer who's suffering.  He's forced to live
with a mean old stepmother; his dog Pete is in the pound.

Glove Taps

Free Wheeling
Rich-kid Dickie Moore has a stiff neck, but Dr. Stymie has a cure money can't buy: a wild ride
in his custom-made "taxi".  Soon, the mule-drawn cab is careening out of control down the
steepest hill in town. 

Mike Fright
Who's that rag-tag group driving everyone crazy at the radio station audition?  Why it's the
International Silver String Submarine Band!  They may not tap dance, do the hula, or be as
cute as The Darling Sisters, but nobody plays "The Man on the Flying Trapeze" like this. 

Washee Ironee
The gang is in the middle of a muddy football game when white collar Waldo wants to play. 
But he's supposed to be playing something else: the violin at his mother's society luncheon! 

Fishy Tales
Alfalfa's done it again: he's made Butch the Bully see red.  Spanky has a plan to save his
skin- fake a broken shin bone.  But what's fishy is Alfalfa's fake leg!  Butch and Woim don't
buy it and the chase is on.

Shiver My Timbers
The gang is playing hooky again- how unusual.  This time, they're down at the docks dreaming
of life on the high seas.  Their dream comes true ­ but one wild night on the water
shipwrecks their desires. 

When Stymie, Wheezer, Brisbane and the gang trade places with a group of orphans on a
train, it spells trouble for everyone on the track, especially the kids' guardian- the hopeless,
hapless, helpless Mr. Henderson.

Divot Diggers
The gang is on the links- and on the brink of a riot.  Homemade clubs, a runaway lawn mower,
Jiggs the chimp, confounded club members, and above-par gags are the course for this
unforgettable round of chaos.

Bored of Education
As usual, Spanky and Alfalfa want no part of school.  But when Miss Lawrence catches on to
their fake toothache scheme, the boys get a nasty taste of their own medicine. 

When The Wind Blows
Jackie Cooper's locked out of his house and it's no secret.  With all the commotion, the neighbors
think there's a burglar on the prowl.  Have no fear, "Kennedy always gets his man!" 

The Pooch
Oh no, Pete the Pup is in trouble- he's been caught by the dogcatcher.  If Stymie doesn't come
up with five bucks fast, he'll be put to sleep!  But Stymie can't find food, much less a five. 

Mush and Mild
"Don't drink the milk- it's spoiled!"  When Cap's back-pension comes in, the gang won't ever have
to worry about spoiled mild or lumpy mush again.  

Framing Youth
The prize pupil at Spanky's Voice Studio (Alfalfa, naturally) is tuning up for the big talent
contest until rival Butch the Bully arrives to voice his concern: stay out of the show or get
a beating.

Birthday Blues
Dickie's mom is crying: no one remembered her birthday.  But with the help of little brother
Spanky and chef Stymie, he'll fix that!  The boys bake a gigantic cake with prizes inside
and sell slices for a dime- but the plan (as well as the cake) falls flat. 

For Pete's Sake
Bully-Boy Leonard has broken Marianne's doll and brother Wally has to find the money
for a new one but how?  He offers the bully a barter: Pete the Pup! 

The Lucky Corner
Bratty Leonard and his dastardly, diner-owning dad are trying to "remove" poor Scotty
and his grandpa Gus from their tiny adjacent lemonade stand. 

Arbor Day
Buckwheat, Spanky and Alfalfa star in the school play along with two truant vaudeville
midgets!  To make a long story short, every classic poem, song and speech gets chopped
down to size before the curtain falls.

The First Seven Years
Jackie and Speck both have eyes for Mary Ann.  She has an idea to settle the score: a
rousing swordfight! 

Hi' ­Neighbor
The gang decides to build their own fire engine to compete with the shiny new one
owned by the spoiled rich-kid Jerry. 

The Pinch Singer
Darla's supposed to be at the radio station talent contest, but she's nowhere to be found. 
Just in the nick of time, in steps Alfalfa with his winning rendition of "I'm in the Mood for
Love"! A truly "noteworthy" classic!

Rushin' Ballet
As ministers of justice in the Sekret Revengers Club, Spanky and Alfalfa seek to get even
with Butch and Woim for a nasty tomato-smearing incident.

Boxing Gloves
After years of feuding, Joe and Chubby are finally going to fight it out in a real heavy
weight boxing match. 

Mama's Little Pirate
A fantasy comes to life! Spanky and the gang go exploring a remote cave in search
of buried riches-and find them. They discover gold, silver, rubies, crowns...and a
hungry giant who isn't too fond of tiny trespassers! 

Our Gang Follies of 1938

Hide and Shriek

Bargain Day
The gang's baseball equipment is missing and guess who's selling it?  Yup, it's Wheezer. 
He's corralled Stymie to help him peddle the goods to a lonely little rich girl. 

Free Eats
At the society charity lunch to benefit poor children like himself, Stymie spots a little
trouble: two "fidgets" dressed as babies, robbing the rich right before his eyes. 

Night 'n' Gales
Spanky, Alfalfa, Porky and Buckwheat- an alleged singing group known as The Four
Nitengales have crashed Darla's house to serenade here with "Home Sweet Home" 

The super sequel to Night 'n' Gales finds Darla's flustered father attempting to enjoy his
birthday dinner- but he can't- the gang's back at his house, pre-empting his peaceful party

Bedtime Worries
It's young Spanky's first night sleeping alone and he's "ascared" of  "the boogey man." 
But it isn't the boogey man who breaks in, it's a silver-stealing burglar who tries to convince
Spanky he's Santa Claus.  

Wild Poses
Spanky doesn't want his "picture took" by shutterbug Otto Phocus.  Why?  He just
overheard he "shot a boy nine times!"  With all his fussing, fuming and fumbling, this
is one photographer who deserves a few knocks in the nose. 

Mail and Female
Spanky appoints Alfalfa president of the He-Man Women Haters' Club.  But Alfalfa's
secret love letter to Darla has fallen into enemy hands .  Ol' Romeo comes up with a
disguise to save his hide and his title. 

Derby Day
After seeing a real horse race, the gang stages one of their own complete with thoroughbred
mules, longshots, (that being the rotund Joe Cobb), betting and a $5 purse for the winner!

Chubby, Farina and Wheezer are ridin' the rails to disaster- they're the makeshift engineers
on a runaway train that's running into everything!  Fast-track fun.

Roamin' Holiday
Tired of baby-sitting for bratty brothers, Spanky and Alfalfa run away from home with
Buckwheat and Porky tagging along.  

Three Men in a Tub
Darla's fallen for another man.  Yes, it's Waldo.  What's he got that Alfalfa doesn't?  A yacht. 
Spanky's got an idea that will win back Alfalfa's sweetheart.

Cat, Dog & Co.
The gang's learned their lesson; they'll never be mean to animals again.  They're serious too,
Wheezer, Joe, Harry and Farina set free every cat, rat, dog, frog, rabbit and rodent they can find.

Fish Hooky
Dickie, Stymie, Wheezer and Uh-Huh picked the wrong day to play hooky and go fishing-
Miss Kornman is taking the class to the amusement park! 

Canned Fishing
Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat and Porky are playing hooky- their favorite pastime- but after
a hair-pulling day around the house with Spanky's baby brother Junior, they get "scared
straight" back to school. 

The Awful Tooth
The gang needs bucks for baseball stuff.  Their quick-cash scheme?  Coins from the
tooth fairy.

Dogs of War
An early Little Rascals silent classic, Dogs is a sight gag and slapstick-filled farce
featuring the gang taking control of West Coast Studios creating chaos, confusion
and calamity from the set to the screening room!

Bear Shooters
Chubby, Jack and Farina fancy themselves wild game hunters.  Now all they need is
wild game!  Their plans to trap a bear nets them a gorilla instead- a different breed of
ape- a bootlegger dressed as a fearsome beast. 

Second Childhood
Granny's a rich old grump.  Leave it to Spanky, Alfalfa and the rest of the gang to show
her what real fun is all about! 

Three Smart Boys
Let's see, what can the boys think of next to get them out of school?  How about an

The Pigskin Palooka
Alfalfa, in one of his weaker, anti-Woman Hater moments, tries to impress Darla that
he's a football hero.  But when it comes time to go for the goal, Alfalfa wants to pass.

Small Talk
The rarely seen first "All Talking" Little Rascals short film finds Wheezer, Mary Ann
and the other kids at the orphanage wishing for homes and families. 

Forgotten Babies
Would you put a rour-year-old in charge of several toddlers?  The gang bamboozes
Spanky into baby-sitting for their siblings.

Bear Facts
Spanky and Alfalfa have circus fever!  So when dimpled Darla and her circus-owning
dad move in, the boys think it's their ticked around the world as whip-cracking
animal trainers. 

Baby Brother
All Joe wants is a baby brother and all he gets is trouble when Farina "finds" him one.

Shivering Shakespeare
Shakespeare said it best: "To err is human, but nothing forgives a pie in the face!" 

Shrimps for a Day
The gang's life at The Happy Home Orphanage is anything but!  Miserable old Mr.
Crutch tries to put up a front for wealthy visiting sponsors. 

Our Gang Follies of 1936
The gang's putting on a show with Alfalfa, the "cowboy crooner" singing "Comin'
Round the Mountain"; the Bryan Sisters' and "How You Gonna Keep 'em Down on
the Farm"; Darla's "I'll Never Say 'Never Again' Again"; the scary "Ghost Frolic"
and more. 

Came the Brawn
"Wildcat" Alfalfa's out to impress Darla again- this time taking on The Masked
Marvel for the neighborhood wrestling title.

Lazy Days
Farina is so lazy, he even gets Pete the Pup to rock his baby brother's cradle. 
Only a baby contest with a $50 first prize rouses his interest. 

Moan & Groan, Inc.
Jackie, Wheezer, Chubby and Farina are in a haunted mansion searching for treasure. 
They discover something alright: a terrifying madman out to scare them silly! 

A Tough Winner
Stepin Fetchit (aka revered comedian Lincoln Perry) receives a helping hand from
Wheezer, Farina and even Pete the Pup after a wacky taffy pull turns everything in
sight sticky as flypaper.

Big Ears
Stymie has a brainstorm to bring Wheezer's squabbling parents back together:
Wheezer will get sick, that's it.  Soap, lard and other stuff should do the sick, but
will it keep mom and dad out of divorce court? 

A Lad an' a Lamp
The gang's stolen every lamp in town.  Why?  They've just read the story of Alladin. 
When their wishes begin to come true, they think they've rubbed the real thing. 

Anniversary Trouble
The Wood Chuck's money is missing and that leaves treasurer Spanky as suspect #1. 
Pop's in trouble too: he's misplaced his anniversary money!  Spanky's going to get it
in the end, then Pop finds his loot. 

Little Sinner