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Technical Reference and Formulae

AP Calculus Applications with the TI-89 ==> Here!

Practical Organic Chemistry ==> Here!

Quantum Mechanics ==> Here!

Tables of Integrals ==> Here!

Tons of Fundamental Constants and Tables ==> Here!

Useful Astronomy and Earth Science Resources ==> Here!

Old Tests (coming soon)
AP/ACC Chemistry
Physical Science

Where Can You Get Help? How Can You Improve?

Ask Questions During Class
Read Your Textbook
Review Your Class Notes
Outine the Chapter
Make Flash Cards
Make a Notecard
Make a Concept Map
Be Positive - Have a "Can-Do" Attitude
Practice, Practice, Practice (nothing substitutes for practice)
Go to Publisher's Website
Try to Teach the Topics to Someone Else
Ask Your Current Teacher (lunch and after school)
Ask Another Teacher (from your past)
Get a Tutor (not cheap...)
Seek Out Online Resources (So many...)
Play An Educational Game
Make an Educational Game
Go to The Library
Ask Your Parents, Relatives and/or Siblings
Ask A Friend If They Can Help
Ask A Friend Who Has Already Succeeded
Ask A Friend's Parents, Relatives and/or Siblings

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