Professional Credits
Legal Considerations
History of the Company

I would like to acknowledge a few individuals who, by their individual contribution,
have aided my success. I would like to thank my ex-wife, Elizabeth, and my sister
Linda, for their love and support.
Commercially may I offer thanks to the staffs
at Stuart Hall, Co., Inc., At-A-Glance Corp., Wellington Leisure Products, Scandecor,
Starmakers Rising, Starline Inc., Daydream Publishing, Amber Lotus Publishing,
Brookville Corp., Scorpio Posters, Devastar, F.X. Schmid, Mousepad Concepts,
Nordevco, Galison Books, Morris Magnets, Trends Intl., and quite a few others,
and the six or seven dozen publishers in whose publications our images are
employed. I would also offer my deepest thanks to the tens of thousands of
people who have supported my art by purchasing and enjoying the products
that bear these fractal mathematical images.

Originally all of the fractal data was originally generated on Sun IPX, Sun 4-110,
and Sun 3-60 workstations using proprietary software written in C language
and Tecplot visualization software. Much of the 2000-05 lines were produced on
a PC-clone 400 MHz - 1.5 GHz Pentium II/III/IV machines using Tierazon and
other fractal software. Some imagery was produced on a dual-processor Mac
G4 employing Fractal Domains and other mathematical software products.

Some of the geometric/fractal objects were generated on the PC platform using
such software as Vistapro, Fractint and POV-Ray and its utilities. Others were
generated on the Macintosh platform using such programs as KPT Bryce, Theorist,
Tree, Poser, Ray Dream, Morph, Knot, Celtic Assistant and others.

My book, Fractal Cosmos: The Art of Mathematical Design, was designed on the
Mac using Quark Express and my two catalogs, 1990 and 1994, were also designed
on the Mac using Pagemaker. All of the three-dimensional scenes were composited
on the Macintosh platform using Photoshop, and all of its lovely accessory filter
programs such as Kai's Power Tools, Gallery Effects, Paint Alchemy, and lots
of others. To me, Photoshop is the greatest computer program ever written.

Recently much gratitude goes out to "Jesse," the author of Mandelbrot3D, a
wonderful fractal generator that has enabled me to further my exploration.

My praise and words of thanks to all of these manufacturers.

This website was composed on the Macintosh platform using Dreamweaver.
Those individuals whose information I have used in various places are given credit
within the specific articles their information was employed. My thanks goes out to
them as well.