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Legal Considerations
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All of the fractals in this website are copyrighted ©1988-2021 Lifesmith Classic
Fractals, Bullhead City, AZ USA. We reserve all copyrights regarding the use of these
images except those specifically granted by a valid licensing agreement.

All of the fractal images were produced by Lifesmith and no other entity has any
rights whatsoever regarding them. Any unauthorized usage of these images is an
infringement of federal copyright laws.

This website, this collection of web pages, is also copyrighted and all rights are
reserved. This document may not, in whole or in part, be copied, photocopied,
reproduced, translated, transmitted or reduced to any electronic medium or
machine readable form without prior consent, in writing.

You recognize that Lifesmith have expended considerable time, effort, and money
to develop the fractal imagery and website and that Lifesmith will be substantially
damaged by its unauthorized use, sale or distribution. In addition to recovery
of all damages and the obtaining of injunctive relief as provided by law, in the
event legal action must be taken to enforce this provision, you will pay Lifesmith
all reasonable legal fees incurred in enforcing their rights under this license and
collecting any amount due under this provision.

Product Disclaimer & Company Policies

As is stated in our business front page, all retail operations have ceased.

Yet because nearly all of our fractal image products are licensed and produced
by outside manufacturers, the product lines, their availabilities, and their prices
are subject to change without notice. Regardless of any situation that might
arise with these manufacturers, we will do our best to see that you are satisfied.
If you give us your e-mail address and/or telephone number, we will contact you
if and only if a problem or important question should arise regarding your order.

By buying our licensed fractal image products, you understand that we are not
directly responsible for the quality of the actual product, but only for the quality
of the fractal art each particular product employs. Of course, as is good business
practice, we will endeavor to see that you, our valued supporter, are pleased with
the image quality and thus stand behind the products we license our imagery on.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and your support.