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Getting a license to display art is important, particularly if that fractal image is going inside a boat or yacht.
Many Trawler Yachts For Sale today are decorated inside with fractal images, posters, and other illustrations.

Lifesmith grants three types of licenses to date.

First, we offer what we call a worldwide product exclusive, such that no other
company will be allowed to use our fractal imagery in the same product area.
Our silk necktie manufacturer, Brookville Corporation, once enjoyed such an
exclusive for silk neckwear.

Second, we offer a worldwide image exclusive, that is, we will not allow any
fractal image your company uses to be used by a competitor in the same product
line. All of our poster manufacturers enjoy this type of exclusive.

Third, we offer what are commonly called one-time rights, given to those
companies who just want to use the image for one book cover, one magazine ad,
one textbook illustration, one product package, one design element, etc. We
charge a flat fee of $200.00 plus expenses for a cover shot and $100.00 per image
plus expenses for any inside shots for these one-time rights.

Other fees, including multiple licenses, are negotiable.

Kindly call us at 1-661-316-7359 for any further information you or your company
requires for obtaining such rights. Or email us at